Success Woman

If you really want changes in your life and you feel that your life is slipping through your fingers, then this program is just for you.
Super Woman is a very comprehensive and complete multimedia course that will lead you step by step to a clearly defined plan for achieving your goal.

Only: $197

Unleash Inner Goddess

Do you want fulfillment, do you want to bring out your inner strength and femininity?
In course called "Unleash Inner Goddess", we are activating Codes of Abundance, so that you will start creating life on your own terms!

Only: $197

Activating The Abundance Code

Are you tired of feeling stuck and limited in your current circumstances? Do you long for a life filled with prosperity, joy, and fulfillment? Look no further, because this challenge is designed specifically for individuals like you who are ready to break free from limitations and unlock the boundless potential within.

Only: $197

Meditation for a massive shift of your financial thermostat

This meditation is created to help you make a massive shift of your energetic money blueprint so you can start manifesting money that you desire
This massive shift of the energy around money helped me become a multimillionaires. Now it’s your turn to attract what you desire

Only: $47

Most Effective morning abundance meditation to attract money

You are a magnet and you are powerfully attracting to yourself opportunities people and events in accordance to your vibration
Because you are an energetic being emitting a vibrational frequency
Your vibration determines what you are manifesting in your life
In this meditation you will tune in your vibration to an unlimited stream of abundance wealth and lucrative opportunities

Only: $47

Manifest Money fast - 15 minutes meditation

Welcome to the 15 minutes manifesting money meditation
This powerful activation will help you manifest money into your life quickly.

Only: $47

Neuro Affirmations

Coding Your Mind For Financial Freedom’ – Tap into Your Mind’s Infinite Potential! - FOR THOSE WHO DON’T HAVE TIME!

The quickest way to reprogram your mind for Financial Freedom.If you’re ready to rewrite your financial story and manifest the wealth you desire, ‘Neuro Affirmations: Coding Your Mind For Financial Freedom’ is coding your mind while you sleep.

Only: $47

Frequency Of Wealth

Unlock Your Financial Potential Today and Transform Your Relationship with Money!

You will go through the fundamental principles and strategies to attract and manifest wealth into your life.
and the last module is the activation proces itself to unblock the subconscious patterns that might be blocking your financial success and to activate the frequency of wealth.

Only: $197

Your Blueprint Of Wealth

Are you ready to break free from scarcity and activate a new level of wealth and abundance? ‘Your Blueprint of Wealth’ is an empowering 7 modules online course, that guides you through to activate a new subconscious blueprint for prosperity.You will learn powerful techniques to shift your energy and align with the frequency of wealth creation. 
Activate your new blueprint for wealth today start living a life of unlimited abundance!

Only: $197

Financial Freedom Lab

It is a 6-week intensive training that will prepare you step by step for a complete transformation of your finances.
It has been designed especially for people who want to secure their future, achieve financial stability, be able to fulfill their dreams, want to be independent and feel fulfilled.

Only: $997

Rich Mindset

This is a completely different program than the one you have done so far, because it is based on interactive work with your conscious and subconscious mind.

This training guides you step by step so you can implement each tool and change your habits and limiting beliefs in a structured way.

Only: $397

Activating Power Of Confidence

In this training we will focus on practice, not just theory.
In each module you will get the tool. In other words, you'll get a fishing rod, not a fish

I want you to be able to feed yourself every day, not just get a disposable technique.
You will learn how to act outside the programs, how to get out of your comfort zone, how to unleash your highest potential in you.

Only: $197